Friday, February 26, 2010

Get More Surveys & Earn More Money

A few quick tips.

1) When you sign up with a company, fill out all profile questions and profile surveys as soon as you can. These are used to determine who is offered what type of survey. Keeping them up-to-date will help cut down on offerings of surveys with demographic requirements you don't match.

2) Doing all the surveys you can for a company can pay off in more ways than you might think.  Most survey sites rely on screeners to determine who gets higher paying surveys, product tests, and focus groups.  Others seem to give more work to the panelists who are active.

3) Many survey companies tend toward a niche. If you don't fit the demographics for that niche, you won't get many surveys from them, or will bounce out of most you are offered as disqualified. If this is your prevailing experience with a company, it's time to look for other companies.

4) Keep a list of your sites and passwords. In time they can all run together and it can be easy to lose track.

5) Refer your friends. Many companies offer rewards for referrals. Get those bonuses where you can, and help your friends out at the same time.

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