Saturday, March 20, 2010

52 Weeks of Squidoo

When Tiffany Dow announced her 52 Weeks of Squidoo challenge in the SquidU forums, I was so tempted.  I thought I had too much going on to take on another project, though.  I knew she was teaching people how to increase their income by pairing a Squidoo account with an Amazon Associate account and get the most out of both, with a goal of building one lens a week for 52 weeks.  Since an Amazon Affiliate ID isn't hard to get, and I needed one anyway for the monetization I'm doing for the blogs, after my approval for the amazon affiliate program came in, I went ahead and dug into the free materials she provided in that post I linked up above.

The more I read, the more I knew this was something I would be foolish not to drop everything and learn now. I was already earning a fair bit from Squidoo's own associate relationship with Amazon, so I knew what I was reading was a sound plan.  She'd cleared the project with Squidoo HQ so no problems there.  And I already knew enough about seo to know the way people were recommended to set up their pages for that free search engine traffic were absolutely valid.  This took methods I had learned through trial and error, and by a lot of reading of a lot of different people, wrapped it all up and took it all to the next level. All in a basic, simple, easy to follow plan that only required a willingness to do the work involved.

So I've been writing Squidoo pages like mad again (because you can go at your own pace, and my pace is often "full speed ahead"), and I know my income will only go up as a result.  The way Squidoo works, and the way evergreen seo'd content works, money for something you write today can come in for a very long time.  And I've already started making sales commissions from something I wrote last week and used the new tips on.

If you like the idea of writing about products you choose and using Squidoo's free platform to increase your online earnings, you gotta get in on this.  The materials Tiffany has created and provided (for free) to teach us and the support group are excellent.


Bob Tyndall said...


I've been using Tiffany Dow's 52 weeks of lens building. She has a great following on Facebook. She does an excellent job of teaching people, not just about building and promoting your lenses, but how to market online as well. A great process to get involved in if you want to boost your earnings and presence on Squidoo.

Lune Wolfsong said...

Hi, Bob. I've joined the facebook fan page, as well, and also follow her blog. I couldn't agree with you more. :)