Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My First Commission Junction Sale!

I noticed I had $20 in commissions on my Commission Junction dashboard yesterday.  It was one of those earning programs (in this case, an affiliate program) with great potential that I signed up for and then didn't have time to do much with.  Well, I didn't make the time to try to navigate their complex innards and learn to use them.  Even being brand new to it, I did manage to find several of their affiliate offerings that I had either worked with before as a customer or were well known - my criteria for choosing affiliate programs/products.

I applied to those, several accepted my application, and I put together a Squidoo page where one of them fit.  But after I plugged in the affiliate code for that item, I put CJ back on the backburner - something I'd get around to fully implementing "someday."

"Someday" arrived yesterday.  And it was only then that I noticed the link I'd put up had generated two sales last month.  Wooohooo.

The link for commission junction if you want to check it out. They do require personal tax id info right up front, but they've had mine for the better part of a year without doing anything untoward. I'd seen enough "BIG" Squids, longstanding members with good reputations, recommend them I gave it try, & I'm glad I did.

(You know I'm even more motivated to finish implementing them now!)

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