Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paid to Click / Paid to Read - Worth the Time?

Paid to Click sites are another "make money online" method people commonly get involved in when they first begin trying to earn online.  They typically offer to pay people to read emails, view ads, and complete offers.  Usually they pay in pennies, and it's not uncommon to see offers of tiny percentages of a cent.  Through it companies are buying your email address (so they can send you spam), your sign up so they can get affiliate commissions, and your clicks on their websites/ads.

If that all sounds a bit scammy and spammy, it often is.  There are legitimate sites involved in this, but they are few and far between.  And it's not at all uncommon for a site to close up shop overnight leaving money owed.

Like a lot of people, I tried a few in my early days.  I've been burned and left unpaid more than once. The only one I have ever been involved with that I'd recommend is MyPoints.com.  They've been around for years, have a good reputation, pay their people, pay them decently, and offer a lot more than just the paid emails.  You can cash out your points for gift cards to major retailers.  And if you work with BzzAgent (like I do), you already know about them, because BzzAgent pays their agents with MyPoints.

But generally, no, I'd say there are many other things you can do online that will pay better for your time.

What do you think of GPT or PTR sites?

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