Friday, May 10, 2013

How To Start Using Commission Junction

In addition to my writing on Squidoo and my blogs, I use two main affiliate programs: Amazon, and Commission Junction.  Both contribute significantly to my yearly income.

I know CJ can be difficult to find your way around in, at first.  I was too lost to implement it for months after I initially signed up.  I'm putting together this little how to for new Commission Junction users to help them start getting some links on their pages.

Here's what the CJ dashboard looks like, and where to search for links or products:

You want to be sure the links or products choice is selected before you search.  I can't tell you how many times I've thought they didn't have anything related to a certain topic because the search reset to "advertisers".

Now, for a description of some of what you'll see on your search results page:

The advertiser column contains a linked name.  Click that to apply to be the company's affiliate.

The percentage in the sales/ lead column tells you what your commission will be.  I compare the figure in this column between companies when more than one carries a product I'd like to promote.  I also compare to the standard commission rates from Amazon, if the product can also be found there.  While CJ usually has merchants who offer the higher rate, that's not always so.

(click to enlarge)

Applying to the merchants is easy.  A window pops up when  you click their company name.  Read through the terms, and the apply button is at the bottom of the window.  

Some decline, and when they do, I just move on.  I don't know if I was too new, wasn't bringing in enough income yet, they had enough affiliates already using Squidoo/blogger, or they just didn't like my content.  Whatever.  Lots of fish in the sea.  Some will approve, and using them effectively, so that income is coming in, seems to make others more willing to accept.

Now, when you have a relationship with companies in your search results, you can click the final column: 
Get Links.  Choose Java or HTML (for Squidoo, I have to use the HTML option).  That pops up another window, on which you can find all the links you need to promote the product or service.

Insert those images or text links in your article, and you're set to begin earning.

Hope that helps, friends.

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