Sunday, May 19, 2013

Survey Sites That Pay My Kids

My kids love making their own money giving their opinions.  I have three between the ages of 6 and 11.  As I've made more writing online, I've moved away from doing much with surveys, but I encouraged my kids get into doing surveys because I think it's important for them to make their own money and learn to manage it.  Surveys are an easy way for them to do that.

Here's a quick review of the surveys sites we use.

PanelPolls - The surveys we get usually involve Nickelodeon programming.  For example, my kids have been paid (by check) to watch new shows and shows considered for production, giving their opinions afterward.  Even my six year old makes his own money this way.  However, they have panels for mobile apps and game testing, too.  And surveys sometimes ask about other kinds of products, or topics of interest to kids.

They work with U.S. kids from ages 6-17. They sometimes send surveys for me, as the parent of my three year old, too.

Now, how this works is that a parent has to sign up for the household, adding each child as you go through the sign up process.  Then the survey invitations will be sent to the parent's email.  The subject line will tell you which age group the survey is for.

Payout level is $10.00 for the household, and sent by check.  I have to keep track of how much each child has earned, because the site's record keeping currently doesn't do that for us.  So, I keep a text file on my computer and just update each child's points total as they complete each survey.

KidzEyes - Surveys involve all kinds of things of interest to kids, including food, toys, clothing, and the environment.  They work with U.S. kids from ages 6-12.  A parent will need to register the kids in the family, then sign or call in permission.  Currently, they're giving each child a bonus of 500 points for signing up and completing the registration process, which is a nice incentive that gets them halfway to the 1000 ($10) point payout (sent by check).

(I have a list of survey sites for teenagers, too.)


miranda lovely said...

panelpolls does not let ten year old join

Kimberly Napper said...

Hi, Miranda,
I signed my family up years ago, so I'd forgotten how that process worked. You've reminded me that I, as the parent, had to sign up the household, putting in information for myself and the kids.

Once you've done that, the surveys come to the household email, with the age group they're for listed in the subject line.