Monday, August 12, 2013

August Swagbucks Sign Up Code + Great News For My Referrals!

I have something special to share with you today.  If you're one of my referrals or considering joining Swagbucks:  For the month of August, my referrals who earn 50 swagbucks will be automatically entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card, courtesy of Swagbucks.

You can rack up those swagbucks in any of the super easy ways they offer to earn: Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer or Discover.  Keep in mind that codes that give bonus swagbucks don't count toward that 50 SB total, though.

Just go use the site, and poke around in the tabs on the top navigation menu to check out the possibilities - searching, playing games, answering polls and watching videos are my favorites.  They'll handle everything, and we'll let you know if you're the lucky one.

I know I toy with the idea of joining a new site for a while before I take the plunge.  Sometimes I take a while to really delve into it, after I initially sign up.  If that's you, too, well, today I'm here to tell you Swagbucks is WORTH IT.

I can't tell you the number of my kids' birthdays and Christmases made soooo much better thanks to the Amazon gift cards and paypal monies I've earned there, doing simple things I typically do online anyway.

Not only that, but if you haven't joined yet, click on "I have a sign up code" when you sign up, and enter LuneGiveaway for a bonus 70 Swagbucks (Good until Aug. 31st) (Need a code for January of 2014?  Click here!).  Add that to the 30 SB they'll give for filling in your profile and you can begin with a total boost of 100 swagbucks.  That's 1/5 of the way to a $5 redemption, right off the bat.

A few quick tips:
  • Follow Swagbucks on Twitter and Facebook for the best chances at free bonus swagcodes.
  • Install the toolbar or make Swagbucks your default search within your browser to remind yourself to use them.
  • There's a quick daily earning checklist, called "To Do List" on the left of the front page.
  • Check your Swagbucks Inbox daily for fast and instant ways to earn SBs.
  • Fridays are big win days called MegaSwagbucks Day.  Use Swagbucks' search (naturally) every day, but especially on Fridays.
  • Refer your friends.  You can earn up to 1000 matching SB for their search wins.
Want to see just how easy it is to earn?  Check this out:

Swagbucks Daily Poll  Receipt - Takes less than a minute a day.
Swagbucks TV Receipt - from a few minutes of watching videos I was interested in anyway.

Come join me.  You won't regret it.

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