Tuesday, September 3, 2013

10 Best Survey Sites To Earn Cash

Photo by Danny Nicholson
Used under a CC 2.0 Attribution License

In over ten years now taking surveys online, I've built a list of good companies that offer steady work to those looking to earn extra income online.  

My top earning survey sites meet a few important requirements I have for any site I work with:
  • they must reward well for my time
  • must not give me trouble about paying
  • must not waste my time
I offer my list to others so that they can avoid wasting their time trying many sites to  build their own list, and just get right on to earning.  And if you're doing this while working on a longer-term goal earning goal, like learning how to get paid to write online, you can end up doing quite well for yourself.

So here you are, a quick list of my 10 best survey sites that pay cash:

#1 Global Test Market
Pays by check.  Pay out threshold is 1000 points, which is a $50 check. Global company.  Open to anyone age 14 and up.

#2 Swagbucks.com
Pays through paypal.  Payout thresholds as low as $5 for gift cards; $25 for Paypal.  Available in several countries (I know India, U.S., Canada, U.K.; not sure if that's all.)  Open to ages 13 and up.

#3 SurveySavvy
Pays by check.  Cash out for a check at any time.  Open to ages 14 and up.

#4 MySurvey
Pays through Paypal.  This company has members all over the world, so check them out, wherever you are. For most countries, the minimum age to join is 14.

#5 PaidViewpoint
Pays out through Paypal. The payout threshold is $15.

Pays by check or paypal, your choice.  At 1000 points you can cash in for $10.  They're open to everyone 14 years and older, worldwide.

#7 ePoll
Pays through Paypal.  Gift cards and cash at the $5 redemption level take just under 3750 points, which, in my experience, rarely takes long to reach. Open to people over the age of 13, but allows only one membership per household.

#8 eSearch
Pays through Paypal.

#9 IPSOS i-Say 
Pays through Paypal.

#10 Opinion Place 
Pays through Paypal.  U.S. only.  Must be 18 to join.

If the idea of earning rewards for trying out free products and offering your feedback sounds appealing, check out my list of sites that offer product tests.  Not all offer cash, but at the very least you get the item free.

My kids love doing surveys for their spending money, too.  Their sites are listed here.  I also have a list of sites that offer free gift cards for taking surveys and other activities that require no investment.

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